Saturday, August 7, 2010

True and Tough Manly Movie characterizations

Here are my personal recommendations of movies with strong and tough MANly characterizations.

Trying not to miss out any good ones that i might have forgot, i searched the web with the key words-'top manly movies' and i was disappointed to see the lists that came up had emphasis on movies with beefy actors and gun fights. So, I hope you see what this list is not about.
This is about the solid characterizations of men with inspiring manly body language. No Fuss, No Extra emotion, No Nonsense. I am having hard time finding the adjectives to describe the list. If you see what i mean, this one word is actually enough to describe the theme - 'MANLY'.

Unforgiven (1992) - Clint Eastwood

Gone with the wind (1939) - Clark Gable (As Rhett Butler)

Deliverance (1972) - Burt Reynolds (As Lewis Medlock)

Full Metal Jacket (1987) - Lot of them (Directed by Stanley Kubrick).

The movie that made me become a fan of Stanley Kubrick

God father (1972) - Marlon Brando

Schindler's List (1993) - Liam Neeson (As Schindler)

Gangs of New York (2002) - Daniel Day Lewis (As Bill the Butcher)

A Perfect World (1993) - Kevin Costner (One more of Clint Eastwood's)

A Few Good Men (1992) - Jack Nicholson (As Col. Jessep)

Sin city (2005) - Mickey Rourke (Marv)

Dana Veera Soora Karna, Missamma and a lot of other movies i can not recall right now-NTR

I know i didn't list any movies of Rober De Niro, Al pacino, Sean penn, Stallone etc.., May be in the second list.
Did i miss out on any good ones ?

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